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Get Well
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Hugs & Kisses

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    Due to many email providers new spam filters, we are concerned that you may not be receiving your card sender or recipient notices. To receive sender or recipient notices, we ask that you add our email address to your address book ( note: never send an email to this address, no one will answer, we provide an online form for that ). This will usually ensure that your card notice emails are getting to you as requested. If you are still not receiving your emails we recommend that you contact your ISP and inform them that they are blocking your email.

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    You should never reply to email notices sent by the cardmaster@naughtycards, the is not read by people and does not forward emails to card senders or card recipients. If you wish to reply to a card sender or recipient you need to either click on the card pickup link or contact the other party directly through your email software by selecting from your email address book.

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If you have an issue to report regarding our free Naughty Card service please contact us. In order to keep the Naughty Card service free we will not respond to most emails, although we will read and sometimes investigate all card issues. Nearly all of the issues reported to us involve the blocking of email by ISP's. Although we devote a lot of time addressing this issue the best way to resolve your blocking issue is to complain to your ISP. You can also read  about Naughty Cards here.
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  • Sex Chocolates
    Sex Chocolates

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    Crush Babe
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    Screaming O AG13 LR44 Batteries
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